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4 Tips for Packing Your Electronics When Moving

Packing a Laptop
Of all the things you have to pack when moving, one of the most time-consuming categories of items might be your electronics. These items are fragile and could get damaged easily, and that is one of the reasons you should take your time while packing them. You should also take your time packing them to ensure that when you move in, you can put them back together as easily as possible.
The following are some tips you can use when packing your electronics, as well as information to help you keep them organized and make it easier for you to reassemble them.
1. Use the Original Boxes When Possible
Some people keep all the original boxes that their electronics come in - just in case they ever need to return, ship, or move any of the electronics. If you have any boxes from your electronics, then pack them in those. The boxes they came in will fit perfectly for the items and will protect them.
If you do not have the original boxes, then choose sturdy moving boxes. Additionally, make sure you have the right types of packaging materials so that your electronics have the right amount of support while they are being transported.
2. Locate the Owner's Manuals and Keep Them With the Items
If you have a stack of owner's manuals for your electronics, then keep the manuals with the items they belong to. This will make it easier for you to reassemble the items if you encounter problems, and it will help you problem solve if you have issues getting them to work after you move to your new house.
3. Use a Color-Coordination System and Take Pictures
Before you begin packing your items away, you should take a few steps. These steps will help you put the items back together when you unpack them. The first step is to take pictures of the way the items are put together. For example, if you have a home computer, take a picture of all the cords and plug-ins. You can then refer to this picture when you put it together.
Next, come up with a color-coordination system of some kind to make it easier to put things back together. For this, simply color coordinate the parts that go together. An easy way to do this is by using stickers.
Pick two of the same color stickers - then place a sticker on the plug and on the part that goes in the plug. To reassemble the item, all you have to do is line up the matching stickers. This way, you'll know exactly how to put it back together.
If any of your items contain small parts like screws, then place them in a small baggie and attach them to the items they belong with. By doing this, you will never lose a single part when moving.
4. Remove Batteries
Whenever you are moving things that contain batteries, you should remove them. Batteries can explode if they get too hot or cold and leakage from batteries will damage your items. If the batteries are disposable, then throw them away and insert new ones when you move in. If they are rechargeable, keep them with you in a box and label the box so you know where the batteries are.
After completing these steps, you can start packing your goods away for the move. Make sure you pack them tightly in sturdy boxes and remember to label all the boxes so that finding items is a little easier.
If you need help moving your electronics or other items, then contact AllStar Moving & Delivery to find out how we can help make your move easier for you.
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