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4 Ways to Start Packing Early for Your Move

Packing Early for Your Moving
Most people find packing up their house for a move to be complicated and stressful. Should you pack everything up early and run the risk of needing things later on? Should you wait until later so as to avoid living in chaos for weeks or months?
The good news is that you can have the best of both worlds — to start packing early and yet not have to live in a mountain of boxes for several weeks. Here are a few steps to take as early as you want.
1. Pack Seasonal Items
Think about what you have stored in and around the house that is dependent on specific seasons. As summer ends, you can probably pack up the gardening supplies, lawn mowing equipment, and flower pots. Can you also box up the kids' swimming toys and clothes, flip flops, and barbecue accessories?
Also, think about holidays that have recently ended. You'll have another year before you need holiday decorations, Halloween costumes, or birthday party decor. 
Make a list with your entire family. Brainstorm things that aren't going to be in season until your target move date. Once everyone gets into the spirit of the exercise, they're liable to find many things that can be put away early. 
2. Digitize Documents
Take the time now to work on digitizing your household documents and photos. Go around the house methodically to look for printed photos, important documents, and paper mementos (like kids' artwork). Many of these items can be more safely (and compactly) stored in digital format with multiple backup copies.
Once you’ve scanned these items, consider carefully whether the originals can be destroyed. If not, pack them up and place them out of the way. Just be sure to keep access to documents related to your move. 
3. Consolidate Belongings
Even if you aren't ready to pack boxes, you can do a lot to make your belongings smaller and more efficient. Look for empty — but hidden — spaces to pack up with smaller goods. These hidden packing spots could include dresser and desk drawers, open ottomans, half-filled toy boxes, storage baskets already in the home, and decorative containers.
What can you put in these spaces? Things like books, photos, documents, small mementos, wrapped knick-knacks, and kitchen utensils are a few examples.  
Basically, if you have anything that's already going to the new house and has an empty void inside it, you can pack it without taking up any additional space. This technique reduces clutter now and means less work on moving day. 
4. Purge Duplicates
Getting rid of duplicate items is an easy way reduce what you need to pack later on. And if you leave a duplicate item available, you won't need the one you've already packed.
The kitchen and bathroom are the best places to start looking for duplicates in most households. Have a bunch of cooking utensils? Toss out some that perform the same functions. Purchased a newer food chopper? Give the original one away now. Have you built up a big collection of towels in the bathroom? Get rid of the oldest or ugliest. 
Duplicates can appear in many forms. You may have multiple copies of the same documents or photos. Do you see half-used bottles, medicines, or toiletries in the bathroom that you could consolidate? Look for duplicates in the kitchen pantry, spice rack, or freezer. Use duplicate items or get rid of them — and you'll still have others to use until moving day.
Get a jump-start on packing and moving by following these creative steps early on. Need more ideas for useful pre-move tasks? Talk to the moving experts at AllStar Moving & Delivery today. We can help with any packing challenge your family faces so that you can have a happier and more successful move.
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