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6 Relocation Factors That May Affect Your Estimate

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You know that you want the ease and peace of mind that a professional moving company can provide you during an upcoming relocation. What you may not know is how much you can expect the moving services to cost.
Luckily, most moving companies provide estimates to help you plan and budget accordingly. Some companies offer multiple ways to get your estimate, like online, in-person, or over the phone.
In addition to the actual amount listed on your estimate, you need to understand what you're paying for. In this blog, we list six factors that moving companies may consider for your estimate.
1. Accessibility
While in theory professional movers can transport goods between any two places, the accessibility of your current house and your new home may affect the cost of transportation. For example, if movers must carry furniture or boxes down more than one flight of stairs, the company may charge a "flight fee."
Additionally, if the moving truck cannot get close to the building due to obstructions, your home has narrow hallways or low ceilings, or items must be lifted with heavy equipment to get them onto the second story, these difficulties will be reflected in your moving expenses.
2. House Size
One of the most fundamental factors in any moving estimate is house size. Even if you have large amounts of belongings, a studio apartment will always take less time to move than a four-bedroom house.
If you're concerned that bedroom number doesn't accurately represent the amount of work needed, discuss your options. For example, if you have an empty room that you rent out or you use your basement as a storage space, room numbers may not cover everything.
If you are worried about the size of your property, your mover may have someone walk through your home to make a more precise estimate.
3. Insurance Options
Reputable movers all have general liability insurance that covers you in the case of damage or item loss. However, this liability coverage is usually a base amount that may not be enough to replace expensive, vintage, or heirloom items.
If you plan to transport valuables, you may want to look into extra insurance. If you opt for insurance through your mover, the cost of the insurance will be included in your estimate.
4. Moving Day Date
Like any other service-based business, moving companies have peak seasons. The date and sometimes even the time of day of your move can affect how much moving services cost. For example, summertime moves tend to be more expensive due to higher demand.
If you are moving on short notice or have a tight timeline to get out of one living situation and into another, these factors may also affect your estimate.
5. Moving Distance
If you've ever rented a vehicle, you know that the distance you travel and/or the amount of gas you use is part of the overall rental cost. The same principle applies to moving - the distance between the house you're leaving and your next home factors into your estimate.
6. Requested Services
The services you request will all show up in your estimate. For example, a move with packing services will always come with a higher estimate than a move with just loading, shipping, and unloading services.
You can expect storage, packing, unpacking, and any other specialized services to factor into your estimate.
If you aren't sure what your moving estimate includes, don't hesitate to ask. While your prospective moving company may not share their specific formula with you, most professional movers can list the primary characteristics they used in their calculations and help you decide if the estimate truly accounts for all your needs.
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