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6 Tips for Moving on Short Notice

Moving on Short Notice
Life is full of surprises, and the discovery that you must relocate right away can naturally throw you into a tailspin. In fact, you may even find yourself frozen with panic as you survey all of the work that must be done within a matter of hours or days. From packing to moving heavy furniture, there is certainly a lot on your plate.
Although people often spend many months planning their residential move, it is possible to pack and transport your belongings on short notice. Now that you know relocation is imminent, use these tips to avoid panicking and execute a safe and organized move to your new residence.
1. Create a Checklist
Once your move hits full swing, you may find yourself forgetting important tasks, such as shutting off the utilities. Start a moving binder where you can keep all of the important documents regarding your move. Begin by making the first page a checklist of things to do.
While every checklist will vary, you may include tasks such as arranging for a moving truck and contacting your children's schools. Make sure to include an estimated deadline for each task so that you can stay on track. Then, be prepared to add on to the checklist as you think of new things to include.
2. Pare Down Your Belongings
As a general rule, moves go faster when you have fewer items to transport. Take a hard look at your belongings and decide what you do not need at your new home. Then, hold a yard sale or donate the items to charity to get them out of your house. This will also help to streamline the amount of packing that must be done.
3. Pack an Essentials Box
Depending on where you are relocating, you may find that you must stay overnight in your new or old residence while you wait for everything to be transported. An essentials box simply holds everything that you will need to survive for a night or two - without having your usual setup.
Grab a box and pack basic items such as pajamas, hygiene supplies, and bedding for you to use overnight. If there are multiple people in your family, then each person will need their own box. You might also find it helpful to include disposable dishes if you plan to eat at home without your kitchen being set up.
4. Recruit Reliable Help
With a short-notice move, you do not have time to waste waiting for friends and relatives to show up. Only ask people to help with your move who that are known for being reliable and showing up on time. Professional movers that offer 24-hour emergency services are ideal for ensuring that someone is there to help you move the heavy furniture and boxes.
5. Use Specialty Boxes
Skip trying to figure out how to pack your dishes and clothing by going straight for the specialty boxes. These boxes are designed to make it easy to safely pack your items without a lot of extra work. For instance, a wardrobe box has a bar that allows you to take your clothes out of the closet and put them in the box while they are still on a hanger.
6. Prioritize Safety
Few things will halt a move faster than a major injury. Never try to move heavy furniture by yourself, and always use the appropriate equipment - such as dollies or moving straps to distribute the weight properly. If necessary, arrange for professional movers to help with the heavy stuff so that you can continue on with your move without worrying about injuries.
Our crew at Allstar Moving & Delivery knows how to pack and transport your belongings safely and efficiently. Give us a call today for a free estimate to get started on your short-notice move right away.
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