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After the Move: 8 Tips for Unpacking and Getting Settled

Young couple moving into their new home
If you're preparing for a move, you may wonder how things are going to go after you've completed everything. Once the physical move has been completed, you'll need to unpack and get settled. That can be a hectic experience, but it's also a great opportunity to get everything the way you want it. Here are a few important tips.

1. Make Sure Everything Is Clean and Uncluttered First

Before you begin unpacking, make sure the home you're moving into has been completely cleaned and decluttered. Take some time to vacuum and dust, as you'll be bringing extra dust in with you. It's better to start fresh and avoid getting overwhelmed.

2. Move Everything to the Appropriate Room

As the movers bring your boxes in, move the boxes to the appropriate room. When packing, you should have written down not only the inventory of each box, but also the room that it was supposed to go to. Moving the boxes in this way will make everything easier and more manageable.

3. Prioritize Your Kitchen, Bedroom, and Bathroom

Some believe that the bedroom should be done first: you'll relax more if you know that your bed is made and you can rest at any time. Others think the kitchen should be done first. Still others vote for the bathroom.

It's really up to you and what you prioritize. Think about these three major rooms and settle on the order that makes the most sense to you. If you use the kitchen frequently, the kitchen is probably your haven. If you primarily use your home to rest, the bedroom may be the priority.

4. Open Every Box and Store Unnecessary Items

Don't leave any boxes unopened. As you go through each room, open and unpack every single box. If there are things you truly don't need, box them up again and bring them immediately to the garage or the attic for storage. The last thing you want is boxes sitting around indefinitely for "when you get around to it."

5. Put Together the Furniture

If there are any disassembled furniture items, you should put them together before you start unpacking the small knick-knacks and other items. Shelves are especially important to put up early on, because otherwise you'll likely find yourself moving things around regardless.

You may want to take some time to test out the layout of your furniture to make sure everything is going to fit the way you want it. Doing this early is best, as doing it after you've unpacked everything will mean you're working in an already crowded space.

6. Unpack and Set Up the Electronics Last

For the most part, electronics should be set up last. This includes televisions, consoles, streaming devices, and desktop computers. Electronics tend to have a lot of small parts and rely upon the furniture already being setup and placed properly.

7. Organize Everything As You Go

If you're putting away books and DVDs, now is the time to sort them. Telling yourself you'll sort them later is almost always a lie; it'll be more difficult to go back and organize them when you're settled in. This also goes for things such as kitchen appliances and tools.

Now is the time where you can decide where everything is going to go. You have the opportunity to create an order for things in your home, and a failure to do so could lead to a lot of confusion later on.

8. Do Your Decorations Last

Finally, you should do your decorations only after everything else has been put away. Otherwise you run the risk of having to move things around continuously as things are shuffled around.

Your moving company can give you more information regarding what to expect during your move and the processes that can make it easier. To schedule your move today, contact the experts at Allstar Moving & Delivery.
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