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Avoid These Time Sinks for a More Efficient Moving Process

There's no question that moving to a new home is time-consuming. Between finding a new place, calling the utility companies, packing everything into boxes and hiring a moving company, moving can feel like a second full-time job. 
Sadly, many people make moving even more time-consuming than it needs to be by engaging in time sink behaviors that take more time than they're worth. Here are four common time sinks to avoid if your goal is to move efficiently with as little time-wasting as possible.

Asking Too Many Friends to Help

You may have heard the phrase, "too many cooks spoil the broth." There's a fine line between having enough helpers and having too many. If you have too many people in your home helping you pack, you'll waste a lot of time stumbling over each other and trying to decide who is going to do what. It's far better to have just three or four very efficient, organized helpers than to have a whole crew of scattered assistants.
To narrow down your helpers, make a list of friends and family members who you think would be willing to help you move. Then, cross off anyone you know to be argumentative, slow-moving, negative or scattered.
If you have more than three friends left on the list, ask the strongest three to help you out. Before they arrive, create a list of tasks for each to complete, and then delegate these tasks to your helpers as they come in the door.

Obsessively Labeling Everything in Detail

Labeling boxes is definitely smart as it prevents you from having to repeatedly shuffle boxes from the kitchen to the bedroom and back again. But some of the labeling tips and examples you see on sites like Pinterest waste more time than they are worth.
For instance, there's really no need to list every single item that a box contains on its cover or to create a master list of everything that's in each box in a separate notebook. You are just going to unpack everything anyway.
The best labeling schemes take just minutes to implement. Use a color-coded system to write the room name on each box. For instance, you can write "bedroom" in red on all bedroom boxes and "bathroom" in green on all bathroom boxes. The color system helps you judge each box faster, and it doesn't take much, if any, extra time to use several colors of markers rather than just one.

Getting Too Many Estimates

In an effort to get the best price possible, some people get five, six, or even more estimates from various moving companies. However, each estimate requires you to put in a few hours of work between contacting the company, filling out their paperwork, and describing what you need moved.
A better strategy is to use online reviews, proof of insurance and services offered to narrow down your moving company options to three, at most. Then, get estimates from only these three companies, and pick the best one.

Selling Items You Can Only Get a Few Dollars For

Getting rid of items you don't need helps lighten your load and keep costs down. Certainly, selling items you can get a few hundred dollars for is worthwhile. However, you may want to reconsider selling things like your $3 toaster and $1 books. The time it takes to sell these items is usually worth more than the money they earn. Rather than taking the time to list them online or set up a garage sale, consider donating these smaller items to charity.
In addition to following the tips above, you can save a lot of time by hiring an experienced, responsible moving company like Allstar Moving & Delivery. Contact them today to schedule an estimate and to learn more about their services.
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