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Five Packing Supplies You Can't Move Without

Boxes and packing materials aren’t the only things you need for moving. For the most protection and smoothest move, stock up on these five supplies as well.

1. Packing Tape

Tape isn’t something you want to run out of in the middle of packing. Be generous as you put together and close up boxes. Taping them securely stops them from opening or falling apart during the move. 

2.  Permanent Markers

The easiest way to label your boxes is with a permanent marker. You can show which way is up, mark boxes with fragile items and show where boxes go in your new home. Using a color code can help with sorting boxes.

3. Dolly

There’s no need to break your back or belongings while loading the moving truck. Rent a dolly to make the process faster and safer. Dollies come in different sizes to fit different needs.

4. Tie-Downs

Keep your items secure during travel by using tie-downs such as rope and bungee cords. Road bumps can cause boxes, furniture and appliances to shift and jostle. Securing them prevents damage to your property and the truck.

5. Box Cutter

A box cutter makes unpacking quick and easy. It’s safer to use than scissors and requires much less effort than ripping open boxes by hand. 
There are many other helpful supplies you can use. For more moving tips, call All Star Moving at 478-475-4545. 
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