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How to Move Your Baby's Nursery

Minimalist Nursery Room
Your baby's nursery is a precious space. Now that you're moving, you need to figure out how to pack a room filled with essentials without disturbing baby. Before you start breaking down the crib or boxing up bibs, take look at what you need to know about moving a nursery.

Inventory Everything

As if moving with a baby wasn't enough of a challenge, getting to your new home only to realize that you can't find the diapers (or any other essential) can make the process that much harder. Take stock of what you have in the nursery, adding it to a spreadsheet or using an app to inventory it.

Create Categories

After inventorying your baby's nursery gear, create categories based on similar use. These may include:
  • Bathing. Include all bath gear and products that you regularly store in baby's room, such as an infant bathtub or bath-ring, bath toys, or toiletries.
  • Sleeping. The crib is the obvious pick for this category. But it could also include a bassinet, crib mattress, fitted sheets, mattress pads, or a crib mobile.
  • Clothing. Create one main clothing category or divide this into subcategories, such as sleeping, playing, or dress clothes.
  • Diapering. Along with a changing table and changing pad, include all diapering toiletries (such as powder or cream), wipes, wipe warmers, and the diapers themselves.
  • Storage. This category covers anything used for nursery storage - dressers, bookshelves, toy boxes, and bins.
Update the inventory with the categories, organizing all the nursery items in one place as you prep for packing.

Remove Essentials

What will you need immediately after the move? Review the inventory and decide what the go-to essentials are. Common baby essentials include:
  • Diapers. While you don't need to keep all the diaper out, you should have as many as your baby would use in a 24-hour period on hand.
  • Wipes. Again, you don't need a case of wipes to keep in the car. Leave out enough for one day's worth of diaper changes.
  • Toiletries. These could include diaper rash cream, powder, or baby soap.
  • Clothes. Keep out at least two changes of day clothes and two of night for the move.
Along with these items, you'll need somewhere for your baby to sleep in case you don't have time to set up the crib. If you have a portable crib or play-yard, keep this item out too.

Use Bins

Instead of cardboard boxes, pack as much as you can in clear plastic bins. This keeps your baby's gear safe, secure, and away from moisture, dirt, and debris. Using clear plastic also allows you to see what's inside each bin, making it easier to find what you need as you unpack.
Label each bin with the category name. Instead of writing directly on the bins, write on pieces of masking tape and place them onto the sides of the bins. After the move is over, you can continue to use the bins to store your baby's gear. Keep the bins in the nursery or use them to take temporarily unused items to selfstorage.

Disassemble Furniture

Moving a crib as-is can present space challenges. If possible, disassemble the crib before the movers come. This makes it easier to lift, move, and store, as it will be smaller and flatter. Prevent loss of any vital hardware (such as nuts and bolts) by packing it in a zipper baggie. Instead of tossing the baggie into a box, bring it with you.
Doing the hefty lifting and driving the truck isn't easy when you're moving with your baby. Do you need help with your next family move? Contact AllStar Moving & Delivery for more information on your options. 
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