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How to Pack Your Clothes for a Move

Folded clothes

Your move is more than just transporting appliances, furniture, and oversized awkward items. Your clothes, outerwear, and accessories need to go from home to home too. Before filling cardboard boxes with suits, dresses, and everything else your family wears, take a look at the top packing tips for moving clothes.

Categorize Garments

The task of moving a pricey silk cocktail dress dramatically differs from that of moving a pair of old jeans. Start by separating your clothing, categorizing garments into categories such as the following:

  • Formal wear. This category includes fancier items. Include cocktail or night-out dresses, suits, black-tie garments, and designer or expensive clothing.

  • Athletic items. Your gym attire, sports uniforms, or athleisure clothing all fit into this category.

  • Work clothing. Group together anything that you wear regularly to work. Include suits, dresses, blazers, uniforms, scrubs, or casual workday clothing.

  • Everyday items. Include what you'd wear on a day off from work or whatever keeps you comfortable, such as jeans, sweaters, t-shirts, or khaki pants.

  • Seasonal items. Group these by season - summer would include tanks, t-shirts, bathing suits, and bathing suit cover-ups; winter would include snow jackets, ski pants, and warm socks.

Some categories might overlap. Choose whichever one makes the most sense to you. Clothing categorization is an organizational strategy that will make your move more efficient. You'll need to know where to look for each item during the post-move unpacking phase.

Use Wardrobe Boxes

Folding clothes and placing them in bags, bins, or boxes isn't always ideal. Formal wear, anything that wrinkles easily, and expensive or important items require special care. A wardrobe box can keep your clothes in a pristine state throughout the entire move.

These boxes have a hanger bar, making it possible to transport items as if they were hanging in your closet. Before placing anything in the box, make sure that it isn't too long. Gowns or extra-long clothing may fold and wrinkle at the bottom of the wardrobe box.

Try a Garment Rack

If your clothing doesn't fit in a wardrobe box or you're looking for an alternative moving method, a garment rack (similar to what you'd find in a retail store) can help you to move. A wheeled rack can make the transportation process easier for you or the moving company.

Instead of hanging your formal wear and other delicate pieces on the rack as-is, place them in zippered garment bags. Garment bags help to seal your clothing, keeping the elements out.

Stack in Clear Bins

Casual clothing that you would typically fold and place in drawers can go into bins. Organize the bins based on your categories and label them with masking tape and a marker. Fold the items, stack them in the bin, and seal the lid tightly. Create multiple bins for each category or type of item.

Along with simplifying your move and keeping your clothes safe, plastic bins are ideal for storing unused items. Instead of moving your winter clothes to your new home in the summer (or vice versa), transport the items to a storage facility. 

Fill Bags

While plastic bags may not seem like an ideal moving solution, they're an economical alternative for casual clothes and outerwear that won't easily wrinkle. Winter coats, scarves, hats, gloves, pajamas, and sweats can go into a lawn and leaf-sized garbage bag, after folding everything. Tightly seal the bags before moving them.

Keep multiple bags straight by labeling each one. You can't write on the bag's surface, but masking tape labels or a tag that you tie around the top will easily identify the items inside.

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