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The Importance of Hiring a Licensed and Bonded Mover

Moving can often be extremely stressful, and finding out that your favorite china has been broken or your beautiful antique painting has been stolen is the last thing you would want. Fortunately, licensed and bonded movers will ensure that your possessions are being taken care of when moving.
  • Licensed - Movers can generally only be licensed by being verified by special regulatory agencies. This way, you can be assured that a licensed mover is knowledgeable in the process of moving and has enough experience to make sure that your valuable or sentimental items are being transferred in the safest and most efficient matter.

  • Insured - Bonded movers may be financially liable for any items that get lost, stolen or damaged during the move. As a result, they will often take extra care to make sure that your possessions are being transported properly. If something unfortunate does occur, you may recoup at least some of the cost of the damaged or lost items. Furthermore, you may be able to purchase insurance in order to receive additional funds for those items.

  • Warehouses - Professional movers may have warehouses available in multiple locations. This way, you can store your items in their warehouse if your new home in not ready for your belongings.
Moving your life from one place to another can be an extremely tense process, and hiring a licensed and bonded moving company can greatly minimize the stress. Call All Star Moving at 478-475-4545 to learn more about licensed and bonded movers.
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