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Tips for Packing and Moving Appliances and Furniture

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If you prefer to do the bulk of your packing and moving yourself, make sure you avoid any damage to your belongings. Follow these suggestions and tips for packing and moving appliances and furniture, some of the most difficult items to relocate in the home.


Appliances include anything from a washing machine to a microwave and can easily stay in good condition if you pack them appropriately.

Clean Appliances

Wipe out all appliances, especially your microwave and refrigerator. Fully dry each appliance before packing each item for transport. You can use a combination of white vinegar and water to gently remove stains and grime from appliances.

Pack Appliances

Take apart all appliances with removable parts (such as blenders or bread makers) and wrap each individual piece in newspaper. Pack all appliances in their own boxes to avoid mixing parts by accident. Fill all open spaces with packing peanuts, old towels, padded wrapping, or newspaper. You can get packing supplies from your local moving company.

Wrap larger appliances, such as washing machines and refrigerators, in moving blankets or pad wrapping. Tape all electrical cords to the sides of appliances to protect the cords and prevent accidental tripping while you move the appliances.

Transport Appliances

Transport heavier appliances with the use of a dolly or other moving equipment. Use bungee cords to keep appliances that should remain upright (such as washers, dryers, air conditioners, and fridges) from tipping by securing the bungees to hooks or ledges inside your moving van.

Place appliances in a tight-fit spot in the moving van to avoid tipping. Never stack large appliance boxes on one another. Doing so can damage individual boxes or the appliances themselves.


Furniture, including table and chair sets, couches, and other items, can be relocated easily with the following packing and moving tips.

Take Apart Furniture

Remove all drawers from dressers, cushions from couches and chairs, and furniture legs from couches and chairs.  Store these items in a sealed bag to protect items while moving. You can also use chair and couch cushions to pad your furniture while moving (wrap all cushions in a large garbage bag or packing plastic to prevent these items from getting dirty or torn while in transit).

Cover Furniture

To prevent scratches and other damage to your furnishings, wrap each piece of furniture in packing blankets. Alternatively, you can use sheets and old blankets from home. Pay special attention to table legs, which can be damaged if they are bumped during moving.

Stack Furniture

Using a dolly, place your furniture in your moving van, placing wooden or metal items in the vehicle first. You can stack couches and chairs and other lighter furniture pieces on top of heavier items. Then secure all furnishings with bungee cords. Do not place glass-topped items on top of or underneath other furniture. Instead, store these items in the back of your moving vehicle so they are the first items removed when you unpack again.

Before you drive to your new location, check all your belongings to ensure that stacked boxes are not leaning and that furnishings are properly secured. If any items wiggle or tilt when touched, fill empty areas with packing blankets and tighten bungee cords and straps to create a tighter barrier.

Your move will be more successful if you pack your appliances and furniture appropriately. During your move, especially if you are traveling a long distance, pull over periodically to check that nothing has tipped or fallen over.

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